10613120_10152395432258174_6936863286778875356_nYOTA TSOTRA-


1965593_360364790808546_966603394611126273_oSUZANNE HUSSMANN –


11429937_10153291101506391_563557791111529553_oCÉLINE GÉNEAU–

1008677_10153140041640144_1091121916_oMARION DROUET –

536735_10151148729117518_1804848759_nSCHALK VILJOEN–

 EMILY PEASE –Dornach01.072514








How do we select the teachers that teach at B.Yoga?






1999-2004 –  BA  Design – Metropolitan Autonomous University. Mx City, MX.
2005 – It’s Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 200HR. Teacher Training. Mx City, MX.
2008 – Jivamukti Yoga 300HR. Teacher Training Program. Rhynebeck,  NY.
2011 –  Jivamukti Yoga Advanced Certification Teacher Exam, Münich, DE.
2013 –  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Month Study with Lino Miele. Kovalam, India.

2012-14- MAS Curating – Zürich University of Arts (ZHdK). Zürich, Switzerland.

About Daniela

Daniela’s classes are a mix of chants, philosophical-thought-provoking inputs with day-to-day examples, sound & breath awereness, body-intelligent flowy asana (yoga poses) sequences, hands-on assist through which you receive tremendous loads loving wisdom cultivated through her many years of practice and teaching, meditation & relaxation.

Daniela provides the fire to fuel any practice and just being in her presence offers transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  She began practicing Yoga at the age of 17 and after 15 years of practice and many different phases, Yoga practice has become a tool in her life that plays a very important role in her perspectives, relationships and creative work. She likes to conceive “yogis” as random people who -as David Swenson wisely said once- leave a place a little bit better than how they found it.
If you know her, then you know your world is going to change.  From a Multidiscipline Creatix, to an International Jivamukti Yoga Instructor and Founder of B.Yoga Basel, this woman is a powerful force offering a myriad of knowledge to her students. She thinks people live fully when they don’t limit themselves to inhabit only one aspect of their lives but as many as possible and she nourishes her yoga teachings with many sources.

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Dominique is a freelance contemporary dancer. She started dancing when she was nine and later turned this passion into her profession. Through many years of dance training she gathered a lot of understanding of the human anatomy and on the flow and use of energy in the body.

In her dance practice, Dominique often came in touch with physical elements of yoga. It wasn‘t until she took a Jivamukti Yoga class in B.Yoga though, that she fell in love with yoga. She’s very fond of the harmonious and dynamic asana practice of the Jivamukti Yoga method, in which grounding, the conscious use of breath and a constant energetic alignment are emphasized.

On a non-physical level, yoga became a companion on an endless spiritual journey, giving guidance for her daily life, helping her finding a strong connection with her inner-self and being in the moment.

Dominique loves being in nature, sunny days, travelling through the world, black chocolate and spending time with friends. She values collaboration and communication and likes to fully involve herself in anything she does in life.

Dominique completed her Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in 2013 with David Life, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Patric Broome. In her teachings, she tries to transmit the physical as well as the spiritual treasures of yoga to her students.


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1989-98 Bhakti Yoga Ashram. Center for Vedic Studies, Vienna.
2011- 200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training. Atma Vikasa, Center in Yogic Studies, Mysore India.

About Amrta
As a child I was lucky enough to have a first hand experience to yoga, through my father who was an advanced practitioner on a daily basis. I was very eager to sit in Lotus pose and look at the pictures in his yoga books already in my early childhood years. I was 19 and lived in Vienna when I composed my first personal asana sequences for my daily practice. It gave me a deep taste for hatha yoga but it somehow I felt that yoga has more to offer. This striving and attachment to Yoga and India remained and even magnified so far that 1989 I joined a Bhakti Yoga Ashram at the Centre for Vedic Studies in Vienna where I could learn more about the ancient Vedic yoga heritage as we studied Yoga philosophy, Meditation, Sanskrit, Indian classical music and traditional Ayurvedic culinary art.

The following years I travelled to numerous Ashrams in Europe and India where we hosted seminars on Vedic culture with discussions on Yoga for different groups of people. In 2005 I decided to concentrate more on my Asana practice again putting the philosophy and the theories more in the background. I started to visit different Yoga schools and practiced with different teachers in various styles, to expend my vision and understanding of Yogasanas .

In 2010 I finally made a decision to put my full attention to start teaching Yoga and share what I’ve learned over the years.

In 2011 I finished the 200 hrs. Teachers Training Course in Mysore, and changed my home base from Malmo, Sweden to Basel, Switzerland where I’m still actively teaching yoga.

Yoga was always more for me than just a trend or a hobby. It is a way I lead my life because it enables me to be much more balanced and concentrated in my daily routine. It also connects me to others in a deeper more intimate way and as I can grow in it which makes me feel to be a much more valuable part of the „whole picture“.


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Yota is a PhD Mechanical Engineer who has lived, studied and worked for a long period of time in Germany and Switzerland. More than that, Yota is an art freak, loves painting, drawing and uses creativity -in every way- as her means of expression. She discovered yoga in 2004 in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and started practicing Iyengar yoga with her first teacher Victoria. Since then, yoga has become an important part of her life. She has practiced different styles -Ashtanga, Vinyasa and others- till 2006 when she moved to Basel, Switzerland and was blessed to meet her amazing teacher, Dan Fuentes, who introduced her to the Jivamukti yoga world. This became since then her main yoga practice, meeting beautiful teachers and friends who helped her to develop herself. During these years she was honored to practice with great Jivamukti teachers from New York and London : Lady Ruth-Manenti, Yogeswari, Gabriela Bozic, Jeffrey Rama Cohen. In November 2012 she undertook the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in UK. She is thankful to her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari and Patrick Broome and to her beautiful mentor Rima Radi Rabbath.


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BA Business Administration
MSC Psychology
OM Yoga NYC 200 HR. Teacher Training
Acroyoga Certified Teacher
500 HR. Teacher Training with Doug Swenson

About Martin
Martin fell in love with yoga when his job with a large Swiss company made him move his life from Zurich, Switzerland, to New York City where he took his first yoga class ever at Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga Center.A couple of years later, he graduated from OM Yoga’s renowned teacher training and has since then successfully pursued his vision to make the benefits of yoga available to as many people as possible. 

Based in Basel Switzerland, he works as an independent yoga teacher. In addition, as a consultant for large multinational companies, he has been teaching all aspects of yoga to employees and managers from all over the world, from all realms of life. He has been invited to teach workshops and retreats in London and Italy. During his travels to India, he studied Sivananda and Ashtanga yoga.

Martin has taught more than 2’000 classes to students from all skill levels and together with his wife, he also runs training programs for yoga teachers. Committed to continuing education, he currently finishes his advanced anatomy studies with Leslie Kaminoff, New York, one of the most respected anatomy teachers in the yoga world, as well es his advanced studies in human anatomy, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics with Jason Ray Brown and Katy Bowman. Martin is the president of Yogacommunity, a non-profit organization based in Basel, Switzerland, that organizes donation-based yoga events and runs the first purely donation-based yoga studio in Basel. In 2015, Martin started to write his first book, “Yoga – Your Path to Health, Happiness & Freedom” – his dream is to finish and publish it by the end of 2017.

For Martin, yoga has healed him from severe back and knee pains from which he suffered before. While working often 16 hours per day, he had lost the ability to relax physically and mentally and unhealthy habits had caused him significant heart problems. For Martin, yoga has helped him to return onto a path of health, happiness, and freedom. He thinks that yoga can help you to get in touch with your true self, to be physically fit and mentally balanced. This can  give you enormous strength and energy from within to live your life more fully, more mindfully, and more peacefully and in harmony with your environment.


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Suza hat ihr ganzes Leben mit Sport zugebracht. No pain – no gain war ihr Mantra. Alles änderte sich als sie in Thailand einen Ashtangi traf der ihr versicherte, durch Yoga ihre Migräne zu zähmen.

Suza is mittlerweile bei Yoga Alliance als 200hr Teacher registriert und bildet sich ständig mit renommierten Lehrern weiter. Sie hat mehrere Ausbildungsprogramme absolviert und ist zertifiziert als:

  • 250 Stunden Ayuryoga
  • 200 Stunden Anusara Yoga
  • 200 Stunden advanced mit Laughing Lotus Akademie NY
  • Mouna-Aerial-Yoga

Yoga ist Suza´s Rock n Roll. Sich spielerisch und mit Spass, zu bewegen, zu leben, und die Romanze mit sich selbst zu erleben und einfach glücklich zu sein, das ist Suzas Passion. Suza ist eine Nomadin zwischen Yogastilen.

Suzas Klassen sind fordernd und spielerisch zugleich. Die Geschichten, Mudras und kreative fliessende Sequenzen in Verbindung mit dem Atem, führen die Schüler zu ihrem unbewusstem Selbst und vermitteln Mut, Vertrauen und Selbstbewusstsein.

Eine tiefe Verbeugung des Dankes allen wundervollen Lehrern die Teil des Weges sind und waren:

Jeff Fisher lehrte ihr: Celebrate and enjoy life! und die korrekte Ausrichtung der Asanas.

Dana Flynn das wilde, creative und verrückte an die Oberfläche zu holen, authentisch zu sein und Yoga als Tanz mit dem eigenen Körper und Geist zu verstehen.

„Vertraue dem Flow – Mögen alle Wesen glücklich, wild und frei sein – loving you, loving life!“


Suza’s life was dedicated to sports. No pain – no gain was her mantra. Everything changed when she met an Ashtangi in Thailand who promised her to get rid of her migraine through the practice of Yoga.

Suza is a registered 200h teacher with Yoga Alliance and is continuously training with renewed teachers. Her certifications include:

  • 250 hours Ayuryoga
  • 200 hours Anusara Yoga
  • 200 hours advanced training with Laughing Lotus Academy NY
  • Mouna-Aerial-Yoga

Yoga is Suza´s Rock´n Roll. Moving and living playfully and with fun, celebrating the romance with yourself and to simply be happy, that´s Suza´s passion. Suza is a yoga style gypsy.

Suza´s classes are challenging and playful. Her stories, mudras und creative flowing sequences in connection with the breath are leading students to their unconscious self and impart courage, trust and self-confidence.

She bows deeply to all wonderful teachers who were and still are part of her journey:

Jeff Fisher taught her : Celebrate and enjoy life! And the correct alignment of the asanas.

Dana Flynn showed her how to bring her wild, crazy and creative self to the surface, how to be authentic and how to see Yoga as a dance with body and soul.

Trust the flow – May all beings be happy, wild and free – loving you, loving life!


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Quetzal (pronounced: ketsal) studied Contemporary Dance in Mexico, specialized in presentation and danced for the Mexico National Contemporary Ballet for five years and realized many individual projects together with other artists.

From 2004 to 2008 she got the Young Artists Grant from her state government and developed diverse coreographic projects which were presented in Switzerland as well as in Mexico. Her coreographies are strongly influenced by the day-to-day life and urban poetry.

In her path of explorations with the body movement, she started to practise yoga long time ago. But it was when she moved to Switzerland that it became an important part of her life.

Quetzal’s classes are a beautiful mix of her different backgrounds and her special energy.


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Breathe in. Breathe out. Linking each movement with your breath and dancing on the sound of music. I love this moment when you set up your mat and dive deep into your inner journey. I started practicing Hatha Yoga in France in 2008 and intensified my practice in Jivamukti Yoga when I moved to Basel 7 years ago. Yoga has been an amazing journey, and it brought me to beautiful places such as Spain, Costa Rica, England, and Switzerland, learning from great teachers, such as Yogeswari, Lady Ruth, Stephen Thomas and Doug Keller. The journey continues… I am currently finishing the Advanced Teacher Training at AirYoga, and I started in 2013 a life coaching training at the Roots & Wings Institute in Germany. What else about me? I am also a true lover of Nature; I am working for the protection of biodiversity on farms and I enjoy spending time in the Swiss Alps. I really look forward meeting you, and sharing the magic of yoga! With love, Céline.



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Marion earliest memory of yoga brings her back when she was 4 years old, doing the tree, child and cat-cow poses for fun with her mum who was a yoga teacher at the time.
Marion started to practice yoga and meditation at the same time she started to study pharmacy. It did accompany her during her studies in many different places where she lived (Lyon, Washington DC, Paris, San Francisco).
She started to practice yoga even more intensively when she moved to Basel and started her first job as a Data Scientist. This counterbalances her analytical job at the office and gives her body and mind the space and freedom they need.
Marion graduated from a 200 hours Ashtanga – Vinyasa Flow YTT in Kerala India in Dec.2014 (Samyak Yoga). She now wants to share the benefits of yoga with others.


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536735_10151148729117518_1804848759_nSCHALK VILJOEN-


Yoga came into my life when I moved from South Africa to Darmstadt in 2000. My practice deepened immensely once I discovered Jivamukti in New York in 2007. Since then the Jivamukti Centre London  has been my spiritual home (thank you Emma, cat, Durga). I completed the Jivamukti Teachers Training in 2011, under the watchful eyes of David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jeffrey Cohen and Lady Ruth in New York. In 2013 I completed my apprenticeship with Emma Henry in London. I am a800-hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor. The world of business and IT is the day job, yoga is the passion. Om shanti.





Dornach01.072514EMILY PEASE –


For Emily, stepping onto the yoga mat is a refreshing reminder of what is important to her — that which keeps her feeling creative, inspired and in a meaningful relationship with life.
Yoga found Emily more than 10 years ago and has been a regular part of her life ever since. It wasn’t until some years after her 200-Hr Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health that Emily found her life leading her towards sharing her practice in a more formal setting as a teacher.
Far from her place of birth and an avid traveler, Emily’s yoga mat feels like ‘home’ to her wherever she lands. She has a great love for the practice and continues to evolve in her own study as a student. She has a great love for the practice, believing that she is first and foremost a student herself, and that the shared experience of teaching enriches her own personal study.
Now the mother of a spirited 2 year old, Emily is especially interested in how yoga can enhance the well-being and confidence of children. She recently studied with “Next Generation Yoga” in Seattle, WA, USA to learn how to combine playfulness and mindfulness on the mat for children ages 2 to 7.


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Teaching experience
  • Community classes at Sanapurna, Zürich- Vinyasa Flow class open to all levels
  • Yoga at Campus, Dreispitz FHNW, Basel Weekly Vinyasa class, donation based, open to all levels
  • Community classes at Om Factory, NYC Teaching theme based Vinyasa Flow classes open to all levels
  • Yoga at Park Donation based Vinyasa class open to all levels, Maria Hernandez Park, Brooklyn NYC
  • Aerial Yoga classes Aerial Yoga flow classes for beginner/advanced level, using the Hammock as a support and reflection tool and toy for aerial acrobatic orientated moves
  • YTT Om Factory New York, Summer 2014 Aerial YTT Om Factory New York, Spring 2014
  • Dip. Zeitgenössische Bühnentänzerin an der ZTTS, Zürich 2007-2010


German: Mother tongue
English: Fluent
French: Good
Italian: Basics


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10527668_10154406746705008_4746126716675348656_nVALERIE IMBACH – 
Cert. Yoga Teacher RYT 650h YA

Since I can remember, body movement and dance have always been a significant part in my life. A strong longing to go deeper into more subtle and holistic bodywork came up while I was studying movement education in Basel (GDS/IfB, Bewegungspädagogik, 2005-2008). That’s when I came across Yoga for the very first time. Soon after, I found myself in India, seeking for deeper understanding, truth, love and hOMe. Since then my Yoga-mat has always been with me and my urge to learn, practice and develop led me to many different places and wonderful teachers around the globe: Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga, 50h TT), O.P. Tiwari (Pranayama), Surrinder Singh (Hatha Yoga), Ajay Kumar (Asthanga Yoga), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy, Philosophy), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga), Sienna Sherman (Anusara Yoga), Sharat Arora (Iyengar Yoga), Radhanath Swami-ji (Bhakti Yoga), Goenka-ji (Vipassana & Metta Meditation), Thich Nhat Hanh (Mindfulness, Buddhism).

In 2011 I completed the 200h TT in Vinyasa Yoga in Zürich, followed by a +300h ATT in Hatha Yoga 2012/13 (+100h 2015) with my dearest teacher Stephen Thomas. It has been through him that I discovered the more subtle work of Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha, which opened me new doors into deeper dimensions.

‘Thai Yoga Massage’ has become another jewel in my life. Since 2010 I’ve been refining the ‘sacred dance’ with the guidance of my dear teachers Takis (‘Dynamic Thai Massage’, http://www.sunshinehouse.gr), Jack Chaya (‘Nerve Touch’, http://www.nervetouch.com), Felicity Joy (Abdominal Massage, http://www.thaitraditionalyogamassage.com) und Itzhak Helman (Traditional Thai Massage, http://www.thai-yoga-massage.org). I am especially grateful for the precious inspirations from David Lutt’s ‘Osteopathy meets Thai Massage’ (www.lulyani.com) and Rosemary’s Integrated Cranio Sacral Biodynamics (www.integrated-cranial-workshop.com).

The past three years I’ve spent most of my time studying and practicing in and around India & Thailand.

I am deeply grateful to all my beloved teachers for their guidance and support and – back in Basel – I feel blessed and honored to have the possibility to share the beauty of Yoga and the art of Thai Yoga Massage with you.

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100000130_largeMARI AGUIRRE – CERT. YOGA TEACHER 200Hr.

Mari’s Yoga Practice is influenced by her background in Martial Arts, Ayurveda and Buddhism. Her practice is further influenced by and rooted in the tradition of her main teacher, Stephen Thomas.

Her teaching style is dedicated to maintaining a traditional Hatha yoga practice with strong emphasis on breath before movement and the integrity of alignment without sacrificing Leela, the playful element of the practice.
She has been teaching Judo for over 8 years to children ages 4-14; and is also an Ayurveda Therapist and student of Tibetan Buddhism.

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500 RYT Yoga Alliance
Dynamic Yoga Certified Teacher

fotoSergioAbout Sergio
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and began my yoga journey at the very young age of 10, my mother was taking yoga lessons and she had the wonderful idea to bring me along. That was a big change to my life! I attended these lessons until I was about 16, it helped me a lot throughout my studies, as a side effect it gave me concentration, resistance, strength and flexibility.

Yoga is, since then, a part of my everyday life.

Later I pursued a career in contemporary dance, being a professional dancer for more than 15 years. I worked at the Contemporary Ballet at the San Martin theater in Buenos Aires, and at Vertical Danse in Geneva among other smaller independent dance companies. My regular yoga practice during the very challenging dance period was crucial for avoiding injuries, as I like to say: it saved my joints!

During the last years of my dance career I studied music, solo singing, specialized in early music and became a professional singer. Yoga also was present helping me find the relation between all body parts working simultaneously as a whole, and keeping the flexibility at all times, this gave me a better understanding of my instrument, my body! I work as a singer mainly with my Ensemble Troparion.

My first yoga teaching education came also at this time, having the opportunity to meet wonderful and generous teachers during my journey. I’m now a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance RYT 500) and also a dynamic yoga teacher trained with and certified by Godfrey Devereux. I constantly visit workshops to broaden my teaching spectrum.

Since 2014 Sergio is main yoga teacher and runs the Red Earth Centre yoga studio in Paris, France.


In Sergio Igelisas’ yoga classes I find introduction to an understanding and knowledge of yoga that grows from a strong lifelong practice and experience. This is quite rare. Preciseness, welcome, and mindfulness, the pleasantness (euphony) of voice and careful choice of language guide the subtle flows. Though I am only new, time spent with yogabasilea became already very essential and dear to me. Having realised misunderstandings and ambitions, there seems a way – a dynamic way – to trust the body. Challenges, slow and fast, go parallel with a process of learning how to move almost without effort. I am looking forward each time.” Isabel, Basel


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