Week Pass –  8 Days of Unlimited classes 45CHF  
– Only valid on your first visit. * try out all our different teachers, methods, styles and schedule times.     




Single Class 45′ and 60′ 20CHF  10CHF
Single Class 75′ and 90′ 30CHF  15CHF


B.Yoga 60′ 10-classes pack (valid 4 months) 180CHF 100CHF
B.Yoga 10-classes pack (valid 4 months) 270CHF  150CHF


Unlimited Month Membership 200CHF  130CHF
Unlimited Trimester Membership 540CHF  350CHF
Unlimited Semester Membership 960CHF  630CHF
Unlimited Year Membership 1680CHF  1090CHF


3 classes/ week  170CHF  
Minimum of 12 classes/month. It runs out whatever it happens first the 12 classes or the date.    


– single class 20/30CHF  10/15CHF
– Prenatal Month Membership 200CHF  130CHF
– Prenatal Trimester Membership 540CHF  
– B.Yoga Prenatal 10-classes pack (valid 4 months) 270CHF  150CHF




Unlimited Month Membership 50-120CHF  
 CONDITIONS: Only valid for people with no source of regular income, neither savings, and/or attending the RAV without partners with a regular income or family. Also valid for low income periods or special situations for which you would need support. The price for this membership will be designed according to the possibilities of the applicant. Send a letter by email to B.Yoga explaining your situation and the period for which you would need to be supported. More less the price of the membership would be about 7-10% of netto income.We expect people to value the yoga classes, the presence of the teachers and the work we do at the yoga studio. This is not a general sale reduction, if it is in your possibilities to pay the regular memberships, you support us a lot by paying them regularly and this also allow us to support other people who otherwise would feel excluded of the possibility of practicing yoga. As soon as you can pay your regular membership please let the yoga centre know and give the chance to others to receive support as well.And if you need help, ask for it!!! we love to take the chances to support others.


PRIVATE CLASS 60 Minutes 100CHF  
PRIVATE CLASS 90 Minutes 135CHF  
If you cannot afford yoga classes and wish you practice yoga, please come and talk to us!  


    • Cash
    • Postcard/Maestro
    • Visa/Mastercard (3% commission)
    • E-Banking
    • Proinnerstadt bons (NEW!)

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  • Class Packs and Memberships are personal, no transferable and no refundable.
  • If a Yogacard or Membership is paid, but never or only partly used, it expires after its effective date. There is no reimbursement for expired Class Packs or Memberships.
  • Running Class Packs and Memberships can be interrupted for illness, accidents or pregnancy. Such time stops must be requested immediately to B.Yoga by e-mail to and medical attest must be presented.
  • During business travels or due to important business engagements running Trimester & Semester Memberships can be extended. Such Membership extensions must be requested in advance to B.Yoga by e-mail to Membership extensions after the fact are not possible. Unlimited Trimester & Semester Membership can be extended 1 week maximum for business or disease. Unlimited Year Memberships can be extended 2 weeks maximum.
  • Modifications made by B.Yoga in the studio or teacher schedules can occur at any time.  No reimbursement will be made. However, students feedback about classes, schedules and teachers is always welcome and in much consideration for B.Yoga schedule programs.


  • Workshops, event & yoga holidays bookings are personal, no transferable and no refundable.
  • If a workshop, event or yoga holidays booking is paid, but never or only partly used, it expires after its effective date. There is no reimbursement for expired workshop, event or yoga holidays bookings.
  • Workshops, events or yoga holidays bookings can be cancelled for illness, accidents and/or important personal reasons (ex: funeral) according to the next policies:

    – WORKSHOPS & EVENTS: If cancelled 2 weeks in advanced: cancellation fee of 20CHF and difference refund method of your choice: cash or B.Yoga Basel Profile Account. If cancelled 48 hrs. in advanced: cancellation fee of 30CHF and difference refund to your B.Yoga Basel Profile Account to be used for further classes, boutique items & bookings. Less than 48hrs: NO REFUND unless the event is fully booked and we can resale your place. If the last case applies,  we will refund you as if cancelled 48hrs in advanced.

    – YOGA HOLIDAYS & RETREATS: Cancellation of your retreat booking is possible until the beginning of the retreat. However, we will have to charge a cancellation fee of 90% of the full retreat price (base price plus any additional charges for extras) and we will deduct such cancellation fee from any money to be returned to you. The cancellation fee, however, will be reduced to 10% of the full retreat price, in case all spots at the retreat – including any spaces that became free due to cancelations – are sold out, or if the cancelling student finds a replacement person for him/her, who would not have booked the retreat otherwise and who also is not on any B.Yoga Basel waiting list for the retreat. You are free to prove to B.Yoga Basel that your cancellation did not cause us any loss or damage or that such loss or damages are substantially lower than the cancellation fees mentioned above. JYB hereby advises you that you may lower your financial cancellation risks by obtaining a special travel cancellation insurance. Such insurance would have to be obtained at about the same time you make your payment for the retreat.

    B.Yoga Basel may cancel your right to take part in the retreat and sell your spot to someone else if you fail to pay the full retreat fee in time despite having been reminded by B.Yoga Basel two times without success. In this case, B.Yoga Basel is entitled to a cancellation fee in the amount stated in the preceding paragraph.

    In case the completion of the retreat becomes economically unreasonable, impossible or dangerous for B.Yoga Basel (ex: not enough participants, war or epidemics), B.Yoga Basel reserves the right to cancel the retreat in which case B.Yoga Basel will refund your payments for the retreat as well as any reasonable losses and costs you incurred due to pre-booking travel arrangements (like flights). No other damages will be paid by B.Yoga Basel.

    B.Yoga Basel also reserves the right to forfeit your right to take part in the retreat without notice if you interfere with the retreat or if you massively break your obligations or duties. In this case you will have to pay any additional return trip costs on your own.
    If any one of the presenters is not able to teach at the retreat for any reasons of force majeure, illness or other similar adverseness, B.Yoga Basel is entitled to have him or her substituted by the 2nd presenter or by any other presenter with the same or similar qualification. If such unavailability of a presenter emerges before the beginning of the retreat and if you cancel you retreat booking for this reason, you only have to pay half of the cancellation fees set out in the preceding section. Other than that, B.Yoga Basel will not owe you any reduction of the retreat price or any damages for any such unavailability or change of presenters.