Toddler & Family Yoga

ToddlerYoga-SmallChild-centered classes explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery, and relaxation techniques while also conveying lessons about self-care, kindness, respect and more. Themed classes incorporate games, storytelling, music and art to engage the energy and enthusiasm of your child. Yoga play encourages and develops: coordination, emotional calm, physical strength, awareness, flexibility, and self-confidence.

Family and Toddler Yoga classes are taught by Emily Pease. Please note that both classes are child-centered and offered in English. Contact Emily at if you have questions.

Family Yoga (Ages 2 to 6*)
Second Sundays @ 10:00 – 10:45 | Pre-registration is highly recommended, Space is limited to 15 kids
30 CHF (1 adult, 1 child) + 10 CHF (each additional parent or child)**
2016 Dates: 14.August, 11.September, 9.October, 13.November, 11.December

Twist and play with your little yogi! Whether you are looking for a fun way to bond with your child, to tap into your toddler’s imagination, or to give your child tools for finding focus and confidence, this class is a great way to bring yoga into your family’s life. During this class you will enjoy individual and group yoga poses, creative breathing exercises and relaxing connection time. Family Yoga is child-centered and offered in English.

Toddler Yoga (Ages 2 to 4*)
Fridays @ 15:15 – 16:00 | Pre-registration is encouraged, Space is limited to 10 kids
100 CHF for 4 classes (1 adult, 1 child), or 30 CHF (1 adult, 1 child) for a Drop-In**

Get your little one started on their yoga journey! Physical play joins creativity in this class attended by toddlers and their parent or caregiver. Through animal poses, songs, stories and games we will slither and fly into new yoga worlds together. Toddlers will tap into a healthy outlet for boundless energy, newfound physical capabilities, and their colorful imagination. Parents & caregivers: bring your laughter and be prepared to get a little silly. Toddler yoga is child-centered and offered in English.

* The listed age ranges for Toddler and Family Yoga are suggestions. If you have a child that you think would fit in one of these classes please get in contact with Emily at

** Please note that Toddler and Family Yoga classes are not included in B.Yoga Membership packages at this time. However, Members do receive a discounted price of 20 CHF for a drop-in session (1 adult, up to two children).

Parents: Please arrive to class on time or a little early. Also, plan to stay during the class and participate with your child. Yoga mats are available at the studio for your use.