Our yoga classes are all held in either English,  Deutsch and other languages.

They normally consist on a challenging -both intellectual and phiysically- yoga asana practice (yoga poses) mostly based in the Vinyasa style of Hatha Yoga, meaning to link together movement and breath, accompanied by bits of traditional yogic and other contemporary teachings, mantra chanting, self-inquiry, hands-on adjustments, alignment and inspiring music, everything to develop our innate ability of living a life with purpose and discover our personal potential.

We recommend to start practicing yoga twice a week and encourage more experienced practioners to commit to a regular practice of  3-5 times a week.


The regular practice is the best method to get the best results. Check out the class guide:

Jivamukti Yoga Open Classes

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Beginners courses, Basics & Alignment classes

Lunch Yoga classes

Prenatal Yoga classes