8.MARCH.15 11:00-14:30
Jivamukti Yoga: 60min Fast Flow + Sequence Logic + Adjustment Practical
This class will be structured with the essential points of a Jivamukti Yoga class with practical and logical sequencing aimed with a backbend focus.
Class will begin with a 60minutes super fun and fast flow for a condense Jivamukti Yoga class, followed by a practical explanation on logical sequencing on essential elements that builds up a successful and logical backbend sequence.
Participants will understand the Ha-Tha elements that are behind the logic of all groups of asana hence will learn to prescribe proper sequence to achieve complex and advance postures towards the end of the class. An adjustment practical will be conducted in this workshop with practical ways of backbends and twisting assists!

Suitable for : All levels of practice but preferably 6 months above.

Bring :One yoga mat.
Class taught in English.

IMG_0103 copyAbout Will Lau
Will is a duo-lineage holder for two of the most influential yoga system that is available to modern day yoga practitioners:

JIVAMUKTI® YOGA Advance Certification (2012) and 350-hour Certification (2007) from Jivamukti Yoga School NYUSA, graduated from David Life & Sharon Gannon.
UNIVERSAL® YOGA 500-hour RYT (2012) and 200-hour RYT (2010) certification from Yoga Alliance© USA, graduated from Andrey Lappa.

Will passionately serves yogis especially in Asia where he teaches in Hong Kong, Shanghai China and Taiwan. He has also taught successful workshops in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France and Australia. Will was Teacher Training Mentor (2010 & 2011) alongside David Life and Sharon Gannon for Jivamukti Yoga 350-hour Training in New York, and Teacher Training facilitator for Universal® Yoga 200-hour TT (2011 & 2012) alongside Andrey Lappa in PURE YOGA Hong Kong. Will also teaches in the Asia Yoga Conference annually since 2011.

His sense of humor makes yoga classes easy and approachable. Famous for his adjustments and sequencing, will hopes to share yoga with all practitioners with un-conditional love. Vigorous in his style, tender in his words – Will offers a class that pushes students to their limits, freeing their hearts and ultimately stilling their minds.

Will is a dharma practitioner for selfless realization and is forever grateful to the yogic wisdom that is taught to him by his master Andrey Lappa on the science of Ha-Tha Yoga, and relies on Ahimsa and compassionate yogic vegetarian lifestyle that is taught by his gurus David Life and Sharon Gannon. Will pays deep reverence to holy teachers Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally, Kristina Pao Cheng, Jessica Kung, Patrick Creelman, Stephen Thomas, Joakim Olin, DL, Icy Lee, Maggie Tan, HHK, Dharma Mittra & DPR who all have inspired him.

PRICES (reserved in advanced)
1 session – 70 CHF
B.Yoga members – 60CHF
Students – 40CHF
Drop in on day – 90CHF

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