LIGHT YOUR FIRE! Solar AcroYoga Workshop

Two Days of Acrobatic Flying and Inversions
with Winni & Sophia Ruhs

17. & 18. October 2014

acro2014As the days get colder, lets stoke our inner fire with the dynamic strength and elegance of Acroyoga partner acrobatics. AcroYoga is a community based practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness and invites you to experience the full spectrum of your being through opportunities to support and be supported, give and receive and to be strong and sensitive. Sophia and Winni Ruhs will create a safe space where acrobatics are taught with a heart-connected methodology and each individual feels honored, supported, and encouraged to reach for his or her highest potential! Come alone or bring a friend with!



Handstand & Inversions Workshop with Winni
Friday, 6 to 9 p.m. ALL LEVEL

Turn your world upside down and place your heart over your head with this inversions workshop that will give you the tips, tricks and refinements to improve your handstand & co. in an encouraging, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. Progressive training techniques, inspired from yoga and partner acrobatics, give us the tools to help us build strength and refine alignment, making inversions approachable and enabling rapid progress with ease. We welcome all levels, regardless of whether it is your first attempt to “stand” on your hands, or you’re on the way to an elegant pike-press.

Yoga meets acrobatics with Winni & Sophia
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ALL LEVEL

Through different yoga and partner exercises we will learn to bring awareness into every cell of our being and unlock our potential to be strong, graceful and courageous with humility. As a Base we will hone our strength, stability, and ability to be present for our flyer. As Flyers we enter new realms of movement by bringing familiar yoga poses in the air and weaving them into fluid flying transitions, supported by the hands and feet of our base. We will learn different entries and transitions from AcroYoga shoulderstand variations like “Star” and “reverse-star” and shine our light, heart over head! We cultivate the ability to spot and coach each other and learn to embrace positivity and teamwork. In this blanket of trust we become empowered and joyfully empower others. Spread your wings and let your inner child shine! All level: this workshop is designed to be accessible to every practitioner, from beginner to advanced. Variations will be given to experienced AcroYogis.

Washing Machines & Transitions with Winni & Sophia
Saturday, 3 to 6 p.m. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

Welcome to the AcroYoga playground where flyers do cartwheels in the air, spin, and drop, and bases refine their ability to be strong, sensitive and centered. Progressive training techniques make AcroYoga classics like ”Tick-tock” and ”Ninja-Star” accessible. An attitude of humbleness and solid spotting enables us to ignite our collective potential and support each other to reach new heights. Intermediate Level. Pre-requisites: experience spotting and ability to base and fly Frontbird, Backbird and Star in same-size trios.



Sophia and Winni Ruhs are passionate yogis and bodyworkers, who are able to transmit their joy and knowledge to students in a deep yet playful way. They both teach Yoga and Thai massage and are certified Level 2 AcroYoga® teachers from Jason Nemer and Jenny-Sauerklein. They live with their daughter Sundari in Chiemgau, Germany and enjoy travelling the world, on a mission to spread peace and love in the hearts of people wherever they go!



Early bird prices (registration & payment by 1. October 2014)
Friday evening: 45 CHF, 40 CHF student price
Saturday: 90 CHF, 80 CHF student price
Friday & Saturday: 125 CHF, 105 CHF student price
Drop´-in prices
Friday evening: 50 CHF, 45 CHF student price
Saturday: 100 CHF, 90 CHF student price
Friday & Saturday: 135 CHF, 115 Euros student price



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