Dynamic Yoga Workshops 2014

sergio1with Sergio Iglesias (certified dynamic yoga teacher)

One Sunday afternoon each month, during four hours, from 14:30 to 18:30 we will explore and enquire into some of the different aspects of yoga posture practice.

Workshops are open to all interested regardless of their practice level, no need to have any previous yoga experience.

All levels are welcome! Dynamic Yoga (the Training Method developed by Godfrey Devereux) uses rhythmic repeated movements to prepare the body for genuine stillness in classical yoga postures. It is a complete methodology of somatic self enquiry that comprehensively recalibrates body and mind, action and perception.

More about dynamic yoga: www.dynamicyoga.com , more info about the teacher www.yogabasilea.ch


March 23rd – Integrity in yoga posture practice

How many times do we feel separate from the other and from all what surrounds us? How many times do we perceive our body as a sum of separate and unconnected parts? How many times do we feel we are alone and our problems are exclusive to us?

All this idea of separateness comes mainly from the normally very useful ability of our mind to recognise, to distinguish and to tell things apart. Of course it is useful to distinguish between your shoes and mine, your house and mine, food and poison… but this very ability is the one that give us the false impression of separateness, of opposition: good vs. bad, nice vs. ugly, right vs. wrong, etc.

Through somatic self enquiry, through a simple flow of movements we’ll explore the way to integration, to recognise that our bodymind is the closest expression of oneness that we have, and through our body, integrating its activities, we can extend this feeling of integrity to all that surrounds us and to everyone.


April 13th – Intelligence in yoga posture practice

Intelligence is what we most deeply are. Through yoga posture practice. when approached as somatic self enquiry. we can experience the grounding of the intelligence of the mind into it’s source, the intelligence of consciousness what it only can do through the intelligence of the body.

The intelligence of the mind often assumes tasks and responsibilities that are not its own, taking over and ignoring the intelligence of the body. This is the source of most of our problems, false assumptions and wishful thinking.

In this workshop, through a gentle yoga posture practice, the relationship between the intelligence of body, mind and the origin of both; the intelligence of consciousness, will be explored.

An exploration that will take place as an enquiry. Enquiring into our own nature to perhaps understand the nature of life.


May 18th – Simplicity of yoga posture practice

Often yoga is presented as a very complex method only accessible to few chosen and exclusively dedicated people. With special physical abilities, flexibility and strength.

This is the reason for many to feel yoga is not for them. When yoga is approached as somatic self enquiry its simplicity becomes more and more evident. Through a simple and very accessible flow of movements we can integrate and awaken the intelligence that we most deeply are.

No need to do complicated postures to attain a special state of consciousness. In fact, being honest, yoga conducted as somatic self enquiry could be approached through only one posture or movement repetition (ullola), but some variety for the mind can sometimes be useful too!


June 15th – Meditation in movement

It is mostly assumed that in order to meditate we have to sit still. A meditative state can be also accessed through movement, provided the practice is conducted as somatic self enquiry.

This workshop will consist of a long yoga posture practice session composed of at least 80% of gentle movement within which through integrating and sensitizing, the intelligence of the mind can finally rely on the intelligence of the body, feel safe, trust and relax, and eventually enjoy what is actually happening in and as our body.After a moment of relax, a short sitting meditation will follow and a brief talk will conclude.


Practical information

When: See above for the specific dates for each workshop. All workshops begin at 14:30 and end at 18:30
Where: Byoga Basel, Hutgasse 1, 5. OG. Basel
How much: Price for one workshop is 50 CHF – Since the work shops follow a gradual structure and correlate, you can attend the four workshops for 180 CHF
What to bring: All necessary items are at the studio, you can bring your own mat if you wish. We do not normally use props.
Come enjoy the gentle flow!