Dan Fuentes

Join Dana Fuentes -most experienced and founder of B.Yoga- in this journey through the energy highways of your body described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika as the spiral channels of the feminine and masculine: Ida & Pingala Nadis.  Nadis are the channel in which Prana flows. This channels basically composed the blueprint of our body and we can access the outer physical layers of our body  through the knowledge and experience of this map.

Dana discovered the power of Spiral Dynamics through her many years of yoga practice and her Design studies in Bionics and Structures. She delivers this foundation through theory, practical exercises, asana practice linked with breath and most of all, presence and intuition which for her are the most powerful tool teachers have to transmit their own experiences. The workshop also includes chants, meditation, relaxation and hands-on assists. Recommended to intermediate, experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

About Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics is based on human anatomy of the motion apparatus, which means the coordination of bones, joints, tendons and muscles. As well as the entire human body the motion apparatus also contains spiral structures. Based on this insight Dr. Larsen developed a new concept of movement and therapy, which one can understand as a “manual“ for ones´ own body. It is a technique of correct, natural, spiral body posture and movement.


May 13th 2012 13:00-16:00


B.Yoga Members 50CHF

Non members 60CHF

come together: 2 people for 90CHF