16.JUNI.2015 17:30-20:00/// MUDRA ART EXHIBIT. YOGA WORKSHOP: CAREGIVING & CREATIVITY / unleashing the creative power of your hands with Mari Sierra


Our Hands have their own intelligence, they are our instrument for sensing the sound of movement in space; creating a melody with gestures, caressing the texture of the invisible. In this dynamic workshop, we will cultivate a state of flow and inner silence to further unleash the creative power of our hands. Through rhythmic vinyasa yoga we will remove blockages; mudras and pranayama will quiet the mind and make room for subtle energy to move within. Caregiving are creativity are the moments where we allow for that energy to move through us and make an impact in others. Our creative meditations will incorporate self-inquiry and artistic expression, as well as basic healing exchange in partners. Bring a journal and your favorite pen/paint and be prepared to share from the heart.


Yogi, artist and healer, Mari Sierra teaches urban nomads practices to stay grounded, to find creative flow and inner wisdom. Her work blends the lines of spiritual, creative and strategic design. Born in Mexico City, she apprenticed the art of rituals for transformation from traditional native teachers, the subtle body anatomy from Yoga, Vedic and Buddhist practices, and her life philosophy is deeply inspired in Ayurveda’s philosophy. She also has an MBA in Design Strategy, and helps companies with leadership and creative communication and facilitating collaborative innovation workshops. For the past 6 months, she has been traveling across Europe and Latin America exploring different communities expanding consciousness and promoting cultural shifts. Her art explores mysticism and embodiment in connection with nature’s rhythms.

PRICE (reserve in advanced): 45CHF/ general || 40HF/B.Yoga members || 25CHF/reduced


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