DYNAMIC YOGA WORKSHOPS 2015: 26TH April, 17th May, 21st June with Sergio.

Sunday 26 April 10:00-13:30 “Integrating towards standing postures”

A conscious somatic exploration towards standing postures. Integrating the lengthening of the legs to stretch them without blocking them and discovering the possibilities of their spiral dynamics through your body experience and not through mere concepts.

Sunday 17 May 10:00-13:30 “Opening towards backbends”

Through skillful use of vinyasa krama (progressive instruction) and an effective sequencing of asana, this workshop will will bring you to feel directly a soft, yet deeper stability, mobility and delightful sense of ease and freedom in backbends.

Sunday 21 June 10:00-13:30 “The subtle presence of the bandhas

Discover the bandhas in their most subtle expression. This workshop will make use of pranayama and asana to bring you to feel the presence of the three main bandhas expressing themselves in your body. Bandhas as a result of the intelligence of the body and not as learned concepts.


Practicing yoga since he was 10 years old, Sergio is a fully qualified (RYT 500) Hatha Yoga teacher and Dynamic Yoga teacher (400 hr) which he continuously learns under its developer Godfrey Devereux ( www.dynamicyoga.com )
Sergio lives currently in Paris where he teaches dynamic yoga and manages the studio at the charming Red Earth Centre ( www.redearthcentre.com )

PRICES (reserved in advanced)
1 session – 70 CHF
B.Yoga members – 50CHF
Students – 35CHF

All three workshops 170 CHF

B.Yoga members all three workshops 140CHF

Students all three workshops 100 CHF

Drop in on day – 90CHF


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