Sunday April 12th. 2015

MIKA1Join our beloved and most popular yoga teachers in Paris Mika de Brito for a 3-hour workshop to infuse your yoga practice with valuable information, tips, years of experience and advices. Mika’s experience can foster any yoga practice, he always delivers in his teachings something that can set a new fertile territory in your yoga imaginary.
During this session, Mika will first make a decomposition of the vinyasa krama (yoga poses+breath+intelligent sequencing) working with the wall as a yoga prop–our best yoga teacher at home, as Mika says–to later apply it on a flow Vinyasa Krama practice accompanied with a wonderful music playlist specially selected by Mika, his many years of experience as a musician and his love for music.
Mika’s workshops finish with a deep savasana and the healing sounds of his hang drum played live.

Mika De Brito started as a musician and continues to be involved in music, his speciality is the hang drum. He has practiced yoga for more than eighteen years. In 1997 Mika began training in Asthanga Yoga with Baptiste Marceau (Who was trained by both Danny Paradise and David Williams ) a recognised master now living in Latin America. He trained daily for two years in the home of Baptiste’s father Marcel Marceau the great mime.
In 2002 Mika met Swami Arunfrom Rishikesh with whom he opened together “PARISYOGA” on Champs-Elysées. He spent three years with him in between Paris and Rishikesh, India, experimenting the yogic life into the cave of his master in Gangotree. After three years fully exposed to the phenomenon of the Hindu guru culture, Mika returned to Paris with his own direction, his own voice.

His popularity as a yoga teacher grew as did his clientele list. Shakespearean play director Peter Brook offered Mika the opportunity to teach actors, Mario Testino the photographer, Christina Oiticica and her husband the writer Paulo Coehlo (The Alchemist). He has been for seven years now the yoga teacher of the highest members of the Royal Familly of Morroco.

Mika has started yoga parallel to his interest on Shamanism in Nepal, Africa and especially in the Amazonia (Peru and Brazil). He visits on a regular basis his teacher Guillermo “Kestembetsa” Aravelo in Peru and he has experimented life into the jungle with different tribes as well (Ashaninka, Shipibo, Kachinawa). He has travelled all around the world to build his practice from India, Nepal, Brasil, Mexico to the USA, where he completed the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training with Sharon Gannon and David Life.

His teaching style has been inspired by all his teachers, experiences and love for music. It’s for some parts indescribable, the same way Mika’s special spirit. As for the parts that can be technically described, it is based on Vinyasa Krama, the inclusion of music either as playlists and/or live performances with his hang drum healing sounds.

He is also running a yoga center in Paris (YOGA LAB), a project based on yoga in sound immersion.
He found  “Tout ça pour ça” 2 years ago to share the yoga, the music and all the yoga lifestyle.  “Tout ça pour ça” is part of the organisation of festival Bliss in and Brides les Bains.

More important Mika is happy and full of love!
MORE INFO: http://mika-yoga.fr

PRICES (reserved in advanced)

1 session – 70 CHF
B.Yoga members – 60CHF
Students – 40CHF
Drop in on day – 90CHF


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