YogaAfter enjoying the benefits of Prenatal yoga, many women like to join a postnatal class. The postnatal period is a time of massive change for many new mothers, and a yoga class can provide a safe and supportive sanctuary.

Yoga can help mothers recover strength and vitality, relieve back-ache, joint pains and re-tone the muscles, thus regaining shape and fitness safely. It can improve and recover the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal region. Simple breathing exercises can bring a feeling of calm through times of anxiety, hormonal imbalance and lack of sleep. The first few months of motherhood can be exhausting as the mother and baby settle into a routine that works for them both.

Postnatal yoga classes emphasizes the need for relaxation for physical and emotional recovery after birth.


MO & FR 10:15-11:00  with Quetzal Santiago



to join the course simply drop in the class, come 15 min before class start. If you have further questions, send us an email: