1.03.14: IMPRO WORKSHOP – Improvising towards inner self exploration

ireneUsing basic contact improvisation techniques, relaxation methods, trust exercises and a bit of bodylistening we will explore ways of communicating with ourselves. Physical bodily symptoms are usually indications of what is going on inside us, psychologically and emotionally. Various pains and aches or tensions are cries for help from our own self when we do not listen to our needs, or when we try to repress them. In reverse, pushing our body too hard may lead to our psyche being pushed too hard and before we realize it we have put ourselves in a vicious cycle…
In this workshop we will aim to a happy body, to listen and decipher the voices that come from inside. We will remember what it is like to laugh and play like a child and we will try to throw away all the baggage we have that we no longer need and believe in ourselves a little bit more. We will try to trust and let go and maybe at the end of the day have a little less of a burden and a little more space to breath!
Through the energy of the group each one will explore their limits, each one will come one step closer to accepting and being accepted for who they are, each one will have the opportunity to share as much as they want, softly and lovingly.
No previous movement experience is needed, just your body, an open mind and an open heart!

Irene Atmatzidis (or Shanti as my yoga buddies call me)

irene2I grew up dancing… I grew up repressing emotions, shy and afraid of many things, very insecure and that SUCKED!
Growing up and fighting off my demons (some of them still there of course!) I have come across a variety of techniques, teachers, inspiring experiences and people.
As a result and through all my training, as a dancer, a dance teacher, an electrical engineer (haha yes that too!!), a yoga student, a reiki practitioner I have little by little started to form a type of workshop that has a therapeutic and liberating nature.
Currently I am doing a Master in Fine Arts in “Choreographing Live Art”. My limits are constantly being tested and taken further. A lot of the work is endurance based and that is more and more bringing to my attention the massive amount of emotional and psychological endurance we unconsciously show every day… We burden ourselves too much and love ourselves too little… Starting from within, moving to the sphere surrounding the self and from there to the bigger picture that includes the Other I try to give to anyone interested the helping hand that I did not have.
The inner peace and inner strength to “Softly accept, Softly conquer”…



50 CHF / session reserved

60CHF/ drop in

40CHF/ members, students, unemployed.


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