We Are Gypsies Now – Der Weg ins Ungewisse

Dear B.Yoga community,

On Saturday November 30th. 2013, together with the Stellwerk community at the St. Johann train station I have organized the Graphic Journal reading/Performance/Concert “We Are Gypsies Now – Der Weg ins Ungewisse” presented by the Berlin-based art couple Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten).

We Are Gypsies Now is a project that questions concepts related to the perception of the present, our need of security/stability and other themes from the intimate perspetive of Danielle’s illustrated diary. Suzanne Hussmann, a member of B.Yoga, originally proposed to host the performance in Basel and I am super happy to share this with you.

In my own explorations of what yoga is about, I think this project makes some interesting points that can fuel your understanding of the yoga practice and extend it to a more integral understanding as a life practice instead of something that is only done over a yoga mat.

If you want/can support the project, we created a “we make it” link, where you can read more about it and either get signed books, original screenprints from Danielle and/or special seats for the performance. Click here.

Would be lovely to see you there.

much love and looking forwards,




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