How do we select the teachers that teach at B.Yoga?

B.Yoga has been a project in constant evolution since 2006. As the years have passed, several teachers have stepped in the B.Yoga rooms.

The actual team of B.Yoga is composed by individuals who have a steady self practice, a genuine interest in the yoga philosophy who keep themselves under continuing education according to their particular yoga paths. It is also a key point that this individuals do not depend solely on their yoga teaching as a main income  but that they are also socially inserted in other fields.


To relate to the reality of our students I believe it is important to keep also a similar social contact to prevent the “Yoga Bubble effect”. Depending on teaching Yoga as a main income can strain a lot relationships between teachers and generate an environment of unhelathy competence. We are interested in promoting teachers that teach for the love of Yoga which have their two feet grounded on the Earth and not only for a material interest or as an exit for their professional crisis or lack of life purpose.

Teachers go through a phase of trial in which they sub some classes or appear in the weekend schedule to observe how they relate to the space, the students, the other teachers and to let them evolve a bit their teaching since many of the teachers at B.Yoga have many years of teaching experience and we like to include people who are able to take the same level of teaching. This phase might go for a few months.

Showing consistency in the way they relate to others and the yoga teachings is a very important point. There is enough division in this world and we want to promote individuals that are vibrant human beings in whatever they say, do and think who haven’t loss the ability to laugh and be simple in life. Who really have come to a place of more enjoyment and less thinking over everything and that do not spend their time over analizing themselves but that they help to create the changes we speak about in class also through their professions, family life, etc.

In this way, teaching and co-working has been much more fun.

Your comments are welcome!

have a good night,

Daniela Fuentes

B.Yoga main teacher


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