Introducing another new Teacher at B.Yoga Basel: Aswathy Nair

Ashwaty Nair is our newest teacher. She is going to give Hatha Yoga lessons on Wednesdays at 18:00 from today on.

Aswathy was born and brought up in India. After her masters in biotechnology, she worked for a leading life sciences company in mumbai. It was while adjusting to a megacity life, the hours-long commute and the trials of a corporate career that she came across Hatha Yoga.

Yoga soon became her overriding passion. She went on to graduate from the  the Yoga Teachers training course at the prestigious Yoga Vidya Niketan in Mumbai to become a teacher dedicated to sharing the benefits of Yoga.

She has recently relocated to Basel to join her spouse.

Aswathy teaches Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is based on Pranadharana, a means of concentrating the life force in all of us and is practiced as a series of Asananas and pranayamas.

It offers a holistic path to wellness and has helped her and her past students to find balance in life.

As a short piece of information regarding Hatha Yoga:

During Hatha Yoga, you use physical postures, or asanas, to align your body and allow energy to flow freely. You also learn breathing techniques, or pranayamas, which also help regulate the flow of energy and enable you to master your mind and attain balance.

So feel free to drop by and enjoy her lesson. And lets all give her a big welcome to the B.Yoga Basel Community 🙂


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