New Teacher at B.Yoga: Martin Becker

We are happy and humbled to announce that we have a new teacher at B.Yoga, Martin Becker.

After studying Business and Psychology, Martin started his career in the corporate world. A couple of years later, his busy lifestyle was not satisfying anymore. He felt that something was missing and striving for more success and material security did not make him happy.

Martin fell in love with yoga in 2007 when a job took him from Switzerland to New York City, where he had his first yoga class at OM Yoga Center, founded by Cindy Lee. When he was lying there in Savasana, for the first time in his life he had the feeling of just being, to be fully present in the moment, without wanting to be someone or somewhere else. Four years later, Martin graduated from OM Yoga Center’s renowned 200-hour teacher training. Since then, the path of yoga has been a truly transformative experience for him. He feels that yoga has helped him to reconnect to his true self and to relate in a less distracted, more meaningful way to the richness of life in every moment and to others.

The style of yoga he teaches was also strongly influenced by his experiences in India, where he practiced Sivananda yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Trivandrum, and where he was introduced to Ashtanga yoga by Dr. Kamaraj in Varkala. In his classes, Martin combines flowing asanas with attention to alignment, breath, and meditation.

We are happy to welcome Martin at the B.Yoga community.

Check the Schedule for the new classes with Martin.


Namaste 🙂


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