Samantha Jayne Hulston @ B.Yoga (08.07. – 10.07.2012)

Samantha started practicing yoga over ten years ago. Over the following years, she experienced various yoga methods before settling into a practice centered in the Jivamukti Yoga method. The challenging postures used in this practice resonated with Samantha’s desire for a vigorous physical practice, while the elegant sequencing, the musicality of each class and the intelligent exploration of spirituality satisfied her creative and academic background. Infused with the spirit of the experiential, Samantha’s classes offer students the opportunity to embody the asanas so as to challenge and shift perceptions. Her teaching style is a grounded mixture of the challenging and the compassionate. Samantha specializes in offering safe and profound-physical adjustments as embodied insights.

You have the opportunity to come by to her classes on Sunday (08.07.) at 18:00, Monday (09.07.) 12:15 and on Tuesday (10.07.) at 09:00.

Come by and enjoy!



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