A KIRTAN CELEBRATION with PREMA HARA ~ Sacred Music for World Peace & Healing

“One of the greatest new kirtan groups today… Prema Hara makes some of the sweetest Sanskrit yoga music you’ll ever hear. Their new album, Tears of Love, is overflowing with the nectar of their devotion.“ Spirit Voyage

Awaken the fullness of your heart with this dynamic duo who have dedicated their lives to their love of kirtan (mantra music) and living that joy with others!  Prema Hara’s mellow, meditative songs build into ecstatic rhythms, creating a jubilant celebration of the spirit.  Come sing and dance with us, or just come and be!

In recent years, call-and-response kirtan chanting has exploded in popularity alongside yoga’s rise to acclaim.  It increases vitality, soothes the soul, and expands meditation. It is a joyful practice that calms the mind and opens and purifies the heart.  Kirtan, the music of the heart, is the calling of the soul; a blissful musical journey to invoke divine presence.


About Prema Hara…
Kamaniya and Keshavacharya are kirtan gypsies, touring internationally as the sacred music duo Prema Hara.  Attracted by Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion, both have spent many years living in ashrams, searching for the divine through devotional service and singing.  Seeing so many people’s hearts transformed through the power of chanting sacred mantras, they were inspired to commit their lives to sharing the universal practice of kirtan with the world. 

Originally from Europe, Prema Hara has toured extensively throughout the USA, quickly gaining recognition as one of the West’s most prominent mantra music bands.  Visit www.PremaHara.com to listen to their music and view videos of their live events.

“Heart melting melodies and stirring rhythms.” Jai Uttal

“Joy and devotion infuse every song.” ~ Yoga Journal Magazine (US Edition)


“A mesmerising treat for the soul.” ~ Yoga International Magazine


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