Dear B.Yoga Community,

We have hosted a couple of meetings this week to officially inform people about the changes we are going through. We wanted to let you know first hand since we knew there was a lot of unclear information and rumors about the studio. Sadly, rumors and gossips travel faster than good news and the intention of our meetings was to make a new wave of clear and real information.

As some of you know, the building in which B.Yoga is located got sold last year. Our plans of making the studio bigger and including a vegan cafe had to be canceled. The new owner was planning a complete renovation of the facilities in which the space for B.Yoga was not anymore available and the renovation works would be loud and uncomfortable for a few months or maybe a year. This would jeopardize our yoga practice and we decided to look for a new space some months ago. Finding the right location, a space that could suit our needs and which wouldn’t be too far away from our actual studio was a challenge. This challenge  confronted us with several questions and revealed how much we love this project, how much we like to work here, how much we want to keep it going and implied big amounts of blind faith many times. Some people left and some of us stayed even though the uncertainty of the future, and one day, WE FOUND THE NEW B.YOGA STUDIO. 🙂

We are in deep gratitude to all the people who have been supportive with us, who trusted us, who stayed in stoic presence and believed in it. All your positive vibes and prayers  yogis, came to manifest a few weeks ago and now we can officially announce the new location of B.Yoga Basel:

Gerbergasse 2/Hutgasse 1.

5. OG.

4051 Basel

The studio will be right in front of Marktplatz in the building of the shoe shop DEISS, beside Coop City.

Our facilites will include 2 yoga rooms, changing areas, front desk, chill out area and showers. We will have access to a terrase at the top floor in which we will have open air yoga classes during summer beside the Guerrilla Yoga program starting in June.

Our actual studio will look a bit empty in the next couple of weeks, as well as the new studio, we ask for your tolerance and patience, we are doing our best to organize the move as smooth as possible. The classes will stay in the regular schedule till the end of May and we will publish the day in which we will start using the new facilites.

We are over excited about the new phase of B.Yoga and we will throw of course a party to celebrate the opening of B.Yoga on FRIDAY JUNE 15TH. So reserve the date.

Much love, light, blessings,

Dan Fuentes

B.Yoga Main Teacher


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